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#tanganKITA: A Heartfelt Tribute to Malaysia's 66th National Day

In honor of Malaysia's 66th National Day, Ethereal Pixels proudly presents "#tanganKITA," a touching short film that encapsulates the essence of patriotism and unity. As we welcome this significant milestone, we invite you to join us on a journey through this heartwarming narrative, now featured on YouTube for all to enjoy.

#tanganKITA: Embracing Unity for a Prosperous Malaysia

The title "#tanganKITA" draws its inspiration from the palm of the Prosperous Malaysia logo, symbolizing the collaborative efforts of all Malaysians in building a peaceful and prosperous nation. This short film beautifully encapsulates this sentiment, reminding us of the strength we derive from our collective unity.

The Narrative of #tanganKITA: A Heartfelt Tale

"#tanganKITA" narrates the story of a young woman faced with a life-altering job opportunity that requires her to leave her beloved hometown. She is granted five days to make this pivotal decision, and her journey unfolds as she encounters a diverse array of individuals who offer their wisdom and guidance.

A Reminder to Cherish the Beauty Around Us

These encounters include Andy, a traveler she meets at the airport who chooses to immigrate to Malaysia from the UK, and an AirAsia Ride driver who, despite nearing retirement age, continues to work tirelessly to reunite with his daughter arriving from abroad. We also meet a football coach who abandoned his dreams of coaching in Liverpool to return home to Malaysia, and supportive friends who encourage the heroine to embrace her roots.

A Heartfelt Message

The film serves as a poignant reminder that, at times, we may become entranced by the allure of foreign lands, mistakenly believing that "the grass is greener on the other side." We risk overlooking the beauty that surrounds us every day. "#tanganKITA" gently urges us not to take the simple joys of life for granted, to appreciate the beauty in our homeland, and to uphold the spirit of patriotism. It encourages us to remember our duty to our nation, which has nurtured our growth and prosperity.

In the News: Ethereal Pixels' "#tanganKITA" Gains Recognition.

We are honored and humbled by the attention "#tanganKITA" has been reported in the news. Newspress such as China Press (中國報), GuangMing Daily & SinChew Daily highlighted our short film as a heartfelt tribute to Malaysia's 66th National Day, emphasizing its patriotic atmosphere and emotional impact. We extend our gratitude to all who have supported and shared in our vision.

寓意攜手創和平繁榮大馬 《tanganKITA》國慶短片暖心

Guang Ming Daily


China Press

寓意携手创和平繁荣大马 《tanganKITA》国庆短片暖心

Sin Chew Daily

As we commemorate Malaysia's 66th National Day, "tanganKITA" stands as a testament to the unity and patriotism that define our beloved nation. Join us in celebrating the profound message of this short film, one that encourages us to cherish the beauty around us, embrace our roots, and give back to the country that has nurtured our dreams. Together, we can create a Malaysia that flourishes with unity and prosperity. #tanganKITA #66thNationalDay #Patriotism

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